Kuwahara & Sano Lab.

Welcome to Kuwahara & Sano Lab!!
We are studying heat and mass transport phenomena. The research subjects are rich in variety, such as the heat transport promotion structures, the seawater resource recovery technology, the meteorological science, and the coffee extraction/roasting. Normally, heat and mass transport phenomena are invisible to the naked eye so that, young engineers tend to get away from them. However, it is ubiquitous in the mechanical devices and is always problems when developing the devices. Therefore, our laboratory is aiming for a better future through training of heat and material transport specialists (students), research activities, joint researches, etc.

Lab News

  • 2021/09/30: Yi and Zheng got phD in Engineering
  • 2021/03/23: English pages uploaded
  • 2020/03/30: Website has been redesigned
  • 2018/04/01: New Website opened